Working principle of signal gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-12
Working principle of signal gate valve Signal gate valve is made by adding electric signal device on the basis of special manual gate valve. In addition to designing and manufacturing the valve according to national standards, it is also installed and used in automatic sprinkler system according to the characteristics of this valve. Stainless steel fine grinding The valve stem and special packing seal for easy maintenance, and a unique O-ring valve stem upper seal (inverted seal) structure is added, which can ensure that the valve is in a normally open state for a long time, and the valve stem does not leak, which is conducive to the installation in the ceiling use. The working principle of the signal gate valve: The electrical signal device is a fully enclosed precision electromechanical box structure. The box adopts stainless mechanical parts and imported electrical components. There is a micro switch and its pushing mechanism inside, and the gear is meshed with the gear fixed on the valve stem. When the handwheel is turned to open and close the gate valve, the signal device outputs the on and off signals corresponding to the opening and closing position of the gate valve.
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