Wiring method and principle of electric valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-29
First of all, it should be determined according to the structural characteristics of the electric actuator, whether it is an integral type or an ordinary type. If it is an integral electric device, just connect a power supply, usually 380V and 220V power supply, and then connect it in place and according to your own needs. The signal line that is closed in place, as well as the remote control line and valve position feedback signal are usually 4~20ma, and the over-torque protection fault signal. The ordinary electric valve should be equipped with a control box. The motor has forward rotation and reverse rotation, as well as the in-position signal of the stroke. Generally, the open-in-position signal has a normally open point and a normally closed point, and the closed position also has two points: normally open and normally closed. Wiring according to your own needs, and then the control line on and off control, some have 4 lines, some manufacturers use three lines, and valve position, some use potentiometer to connect three lines, and some have valve position transmission The device is connected to two wires, and there is an over-torque protection fault signal. Generally speaking, the actuator will be equipped with the manual of the electric actuator when it leaves the factory or the valve will be shipped from the factory. The manual will introduce the wiring method, and the wiring can be completed according to the wiring diagram on the manual. Overall it is relatively simple.
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