What you don't know about exhaust valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-07
As the name suggests, the exhaust valve is suitable for exhaust valves. When the exhaust valve works, it starts to work by injecting water into the pipe, because the water will be exhausted when the water is injected. At this time, there will be a lot of water in the valve, which will prevent the exhaust valve from exhausting. , when the water starts to be delivered, and there is space, it starts to inhale again to ensure that it can work properly. What is the specific, please continue to look down. The working principle of the exhaust valve: When there is gas overflow in the system, the gas will climb up the pipeline and finally gather at the highest point of the system, while the exhaust valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system. When the gas enters the valve cavity of the exhaust valve It gathers on the upper part of the exhaust valve. With the increase of gas in the valve, the pressure rises. When the gas pressure is greater than the system pressure, the gas will make the water level in the cavity drop, and the buoy will drop with the water level and open the exhaust port; after the gas is exhausted , the water level rises, the buoy also rises, and the exhaust port is closed. In the same way, when negative pressure is generated in the system, the water level in the valve cavity drops, and the exhaust port opens. Since the external atmospheric pressure is higher than the system pressure at this time, the atmosphere will enter the system through the exhaust port to prevent the harm of negative pressure. If the bonnet on the valve body of the exhaust valve is tightened, the exhaust valve stops exhausting. Normally, the bonnet should be in the open state. Exhaust valve function: Exhaust valve is used in pipeline exhaust such as independent heating system, central heating system, heating boiler, central air conditioning, floor heating and solar heating system. Because there is usually a certain amount of air dissolved in water, and the solubility of air decreases with the increase of temperature, the gas is gradually separated from the water during the circulation of water, and gradually gathers together to form large bubbles or even gas columns. Because of the supplementation of water, gas is often produced. Advantages of the exhaust valve: The float of the exhaust valve is made of low-density PPR and composite materials, which will not deform even if it is immersed in high temperature water for a long time. It will not cause difficulty in buoy movement. The buoy lever of the exhaust valve is made of hard plastic, and the connection between the lever, the buoy and the support adopts a movable connection, so it will not be corroded during long-term operation, which will cause the system to fail to work and cause water leakage. The sealing end face of the lever of the exhaust valve is supported by a spring, which can be expanded and contracted with the movement of the lever to ensure the tightness without exhausting. Installation of exhaust valve: 1. The exhaust valve must be installed vertically, that is, the buoy inside must be in a vertical state, so as not to affect the exhaust; 2. When installing the exhaust valve, it is best to install it together with the isolation valve, so that when When it is necessary to remove the exhaust valve for maintenance, it can ensure the airtightness of the system, and the water will not flow out; 3. The exhaust valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system, which is conducive to improving the exhaust efficiency. The above is the exhaust valve introduced by the editor. If you have any questions or want to know more information, you are welcome to consult Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd., we will serve you with a sincere attitude. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to the innovation and manufacture of valves, and strives to bring better and more practical valves to everyone.
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