What should I do if the fluorine-lined ball valve encounters internal leakage? How to solve?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-05
How to deal with internal leakage of fluorine-lined ball valve during use? Fluorine-lined ball valves generally do not have such a situation, so under what circumstances will leakage occur? So what is the solution? Let’s take you to analyze it below! First look at the limit of the valve to see if it can handle the valve by adjusting the limit, inject a certain amount of lubricating grease to see if it can prevent leakage, then the injection speed must be slow. Investigate the change in the indicator of the outlet pressure gauge of the grease gun to determine that the internal leakage of the valve cannot be stopped. Sealing grease injected at an early stage may harden or the sealing surfaces may be damaged resulting in internal leakage. It is recommended to inject valve cleaning fluid at this time to clean the sealing surfaces of the valve and valve seat. Generally, it is soaked for at least half an hour. Soak for hours or even days if necessary. After the solidified material is dissolved, it is further processed. In this process, it is better to switch the movable valve several times, inject smooth grease, high-pressure gate valve, and then open and close the valve in turn to discharge impurities from the valve seat and sealing surface, and be in full position. If there is still a leak, it should be noted.
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