What should be paid attention to when switching pneumatic valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-24
The valve is a pipeline accessory used to open and close the pipeline, control the flow direction, adjust and control the parameters (temperature, pressure and flow) of the conveying medium. It has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of backflow, voltage regulation, shunt or overflow pressure relief. Valves used in fluid control systems, from the simplest shut-off valve to various valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems, have a wide variety and specifications. With no matter the development, the valve can be combined with the pneumatic actuator to form a pneumatic valve, which is more suitable for the modern information age. So what matters should be paid attention to in the pneumatic valve switch? Precautions for opening the valve: 1. Check whether the oil pot on the air filter pressure reducer is filled with oil (lubricating oil); 2. Check whether the pipeline is clean; Install a pipeline filter; 3. Then turn on the control source; 4. Then adjust the air source pressure; piston type (0.4-0.7) kg, membrane type (0.1-0.2) kg; voltage) or (regulating current or voltage signal); 6. Then adjust or control the opening; Precautions for closing the valve: 1. Cut off the control signal (voltage or current); 2. Adjust the air filter pressure to zero;
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