What should be paid attention to in valve operation?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-11
The appearance of the valve is for the better development and convenience of our life, but it is not good if the valve increases the burden on people because of the improper operation of the operator. Therefore, when we use it, we hope that every operator can remember the following points: 1. Manual valve operation 1. When operating a manual valve, a suitable lifting hook should be selected. It is strictly forbidden to use a large lifting hook for small valves and large valves. For small lifting hook operation, it is strictly forbidden to add an afterburner to the lifting hook. 2. When operating the valve, stand on the side of the valve handwheel. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the opposite direction of the valve stem to prevent the medium in the pipeline from leaking from the valve packing and hurting people. 3. Use the hook to operate the manual door. Before the operation, the hook and the valve hand wheel must be firmly clamped to prevent slippage and cause injury. (Especially standing on the ground that may slip) 4. The operation should be carried out with arm strength, and it is strictly forbidden to rely on the body's gravity to prevent the hook from slipping and falling. 5. When operating acid and alkali pipeline valves, there is a possibility of system leakage, and the valve operation that directly contacts acid and alkali must wear labor protection equipment to prevent acid and alkali injury, and set up special personnel to monitor and take preventive measures. 6. The operation of each soda water sampling valve must be carried out with bare hands. It is strictly forbidden to use the hook. Gloves should be worn during operation to prevent burns. If there is leakage, fireproof clothing should be worn. 7. The operation of the double door of the boiler water pump must be carried out by hand, and the two handwheels must be carried out alternately. 8. During the operation, if it feels heavy, turn back one hand before proceeding, and operate alternately until the valve is fully opened or closed. 9. The reheater drain door and the primary door of the steam drum water level gauge should be operated with bare hands. If the hook must be used, it should not be longer than 25cm. 10. Whether the manual valve is open or closed, after the switch is in place, it must be turned back in the opposite direction (about 1/4 to 1/5 turn) to ensure that the operation direction can be judged when the valve is opened next time, and it is beneficial to the valve core. There is a certain expansion margin. 11. When the valve has internal leakage, it must be manually opened and flushed for 1-2 minutes and then closed. Repeated flushing for 2 to 3 times. After confirming the internal leakage, report the defect. 12. In order to prevent hydrogen explosion caused by sparks when the valve on the hydrogen oil-water system is operated, the valve operation on the hydrogen-oil-water system must use a copper hook. 2. On-site operation of electric valves 1. To operate electric valves on-site, the approval of the supervisors must be obtained, and the supervisors should be contacted to monitor the operation status of the electric valves before operation. 2. It is strictly forbidden to use the hook to fasten the electric valve. If it must be done, it should be recorded. Before the next electric operation, the valve must be loosened and then operated. 3. If the electric valve can be electrically operated on the local electric head, the valve should be set to 'no operation' at a distance, and then go to the local electric head to switch the valve control mode changeover switch to 'in place', then Then carry out the electric switch operation of the valve. 4. When the electric valve needs to be operated with a mechanical handwheel on the spot, in addition to setting the valve to be 'prohibited to operate', the valve needs to be powered off before it can be operated. 3. Operation of special pneumatic valves 1. The water replenishment door of the unit's condensing and replenishing water tank is a closed-off type. When the gas consumption of the instrument is interrupted, the condensing and replenishing water tank needs to be replenished with water. It is necessary to contact the maintenance personnel to jack up the hair core. After the water replenishment is completed, contact the maintenance in time. recover. 2. Boiler desuperheating water regulating door: The desuperheating water regulating door of No. 1 and No. 2 boilers can be forcibly closed by operating the handwheel on the spot, but cannot be forced to open. Under normal circumstances, the forced handwheel must be opened to the maximum position; The regulating door can be switched on and off with the mechanical handwheel on the spot. When the remote operation fails, the boiler steam temperature can be controlled by on-site adjustment, and when the remote operation is performed, the on-site mechanical handwheel will not rotate, and no safety measures are required. The above are the precautions for valve operation that Xiaobian has compiled for everyone. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is making unremitting efforts for the development of valves through bold innovation and striving to break through, and will never stop in technological innovation. Pursuing the spirit of seeking credibility with quality and satisfaction with service. Constantly innovate the road of development and growth.
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