What problems will be encountered in the use of the valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-09
What problems will be encountered in the use of the valve 1. Why is the cut-off pressure difference of the angular stroke type valve larger? The cut-off pressure difference of the angular stroke type valve is large, because the resultant force generated by the medium on the valve core or valve plate produces on the rotating shaft The torque is very small, so it can withstand large pressure differences. 2. Why does the desalted medium use rubber-lined butterfly valves and fluorine-lined diaphragm valves with short service life? The desalted medium contains low concentrations of acid or alkali, which are more corrosive to rubber. The corrosion of rubber is manifested as expansion, aging, and low strength. The rubber-lined butterfly valve and diaphragm valve have poor use effect. The essence is that the rubber is not resistant to corrosion. The rubber-lined diaphragm valve has been improved to a fluorine-lined diaphragm valve with good corrosion resistance, but the diaphragm of the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve cannot withstand being folded up and down and is broken, causing mechanical damage and shortening the life of the valve. The best way now is to use a special ball valve for water treatment, which can be used for 5 to 8 years. 3. Why is the stem of the straight-stroke regulating valve thin? It involves a simple mechanical principle: large sliding friction and small rolling friction. The valve stem of the straight-stroke valve moves up and down, and the packing is slightly compressed, it will wrap the valve stem tightly, resulting in a large return difference. For this reason, the valve stem is designed to be very small, and the packing is usually made of tetrafluoro packing with a small friction coefficient to reduce the return difference, but the problem is that the valve stem is thin, easy to bend, and the packing life is short. The best way to solve this problem is to use a travel valve stem, that is, an angular travel control valve. Its stem is 2 to 3 times thicker than a straight travel stem, and a long-life graphite packing is used, and the stem stiffness Good, the packing life is long, the friction torque is small, and the return difference is small. Fourth, why should the shut-off valve be selected as a hard-sealed shut-off valve. The lower the leakage, the better, the soft-sealed valve has the lowest leakage, and the shut-off effect is of course good, but not Wear-resistant and poor reliability. From the double standard of small leakage and reliable sealing, soft sealing is not as good as hard sealing. For example, the full-function ultra-light control valve is sealed and piled with wear-resistant alloy protection, with high reliability and a leakage rate of 10 to 7, which can already meet the requirements of the shut-off valve.
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