What is the current development situation of fluorine-lined ball valves in China?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-01
What is the current development situation of fluorine-lined ball valves in China? With the investment of infrastructure in developing countries, many industries and fields, fluorine-lined butterfly valves are quietly undergoing major changes, such as the pipeline industry, petroleum, chemical industry, so the role of valves in the industry is also reflected. At present, fluorine-lined ball valves have been the most widely used in the valve industry, followed by fluorine-lined discharge valves, fluorine-lined globe valves, and fluorine-lined regulating valves. Features such as safety, low resistance, and strong liquidity have also won the market. At present, the larger demand of the fluorine-lined ball valve industry is due to the rise of various private enterprises after my country's reform and opening up, but the valve has the most problems. Because of the backward equipment and low production level of small enterprises at that time, the fluorine-lined ball valve The production technology is poor, because the produced fluorine-lined ball valve cannot achieve the expected effect when it is used. Now with the development of China, the technology of fluorine-lined ball valves is also in line with the world. Therefore, through technological innovation and improvement of technological level, the current domestic production technology of fluorine-lined ball valves is also in the forefront of many countries.
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