What causes the local loss of the sudden expansion of the one-piece ball valve control pipeline

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-17
What causes the local loss of the sudden expansion of the one-piece ball valve to control the pipeline is an important factor in the pipeline? For a pipeline of equal section, the effect of friction is similar to the flow of air in the reducer, which makes the subsonic airflow speed up in the direction of flow , the speed of supersonic airflow decreases along the flow direction, and the one-piece ball valve is an essential part in the pipeline. According to the above analysis, considering the friction effect controlled by the one-piece ball valve, the subsonic airflow cannot be continuously transformed into supersonic airflow in the equal-section pipeline; whether it is a supersonic airflow or a subsonic airflow, the limit state of the outlet can only be the speed of sound, according to By reducing the airflow characteristics of the tube, it is possible for the ultrasonic airflow in the tube to achieve the speed of sound at the outlet. The local loss of the sudden expansion of the one-piece ball valve control pipeline can be derived analytically. Because the velocity of the outer side is lower than that of the inner side when the fluid flows through the pipe bend controlled by the one-piece ball valve, the velocity difference will cause the centrifugal force of the inner and outer fluid particles to be different. It causes the instantaneous accumulation of fluid particles on the outside, resulting in a flow from the inside to the outside along the center of the tube, forming two rotational motions in the radial plane. The combination of this rotational motion and the main flow forms a secondary spiral flow. In the turbulent state, the secondary spiral flow will continue for a distance of 100 times the diameter of the pipe. Generally, half of the elbow loss in the one-piece ball valve control pipeline comes from the secondary spiral flow. Obviously, the smaller the radius of curvature of the elbow, the greater the velocity difference between the inside and outside of the elbow; the larger the diameter of the tube, the greater the influence range of the secondary spiral flow, resulting in an increase in the local loss of fluid flowing through the elbow.
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