What are the triple eccentricities in the triple eccentric butterfly valve?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-01
The traditional hard-sealed butterfly valve has no guaranteed sealing performance and a large amount of leakage. In order to change this situation, the hard-sealed butterfly valve has undergone many reforms, and a triple-eccentric butterfly valve was born. The characteristics of the triple eccentric butterfly valve are that the high temperature and corrosion resistant alloy material is surfacing on the sealing surface layer of the valve seat, and the multi-layer soft stacked sealing ring is fixed on the butterfly plate. This process makes the triple eccentric butterfly valve more than the traditional butterfly valve products. More resistant to high temperature and high pressure environment, more corrosion resistant. Specifically, the advantages of the triple eccentric structure of the hard sealing butterfly valve are: the unique design of the triple eccentricity makes the metal hard sealing start to be more labor-saving. When the valve is opened and closed, there is no friction between the disc and the valve body during the rotation process. When the valve is closed, the torque increase of the transmission mechanism can provide a compensation seal, which greatly improves the sealing performance of the triple eccentric butterfly valve and prolongs the service life of the butterfly valve. What are the three eccentricities of the triple eccentric butterfly valve? The first eccentricity is that the valve shaft is located behind the valve plate shaft, allowing the seal to have a full tight encircling contact with the entire valve seat. The second eccentricity is that the centerline of the valve shaft deviates from the centerline of the pipeline and the valve to avoid interference by the opening and closing of the valve. The third eccentricity is the deviation of the valve seat cone axis from the centerline of the valve shaft, which eliminates friction during closing and opening and achieves a uniform compression seal around the entire valve seat. The above is the introduction of the triple eccentric butterfly valve. The triple eccentric butterfly valve is a kind of high-performance butterfly valve. It is currently used in many fields, and has even replaced gate valves, globe valves, ball valves and other products in some fields.
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