What are the maintenance and installation precautions for fluorine-lined ball valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-24
1. The function of the flushing pipe of the fluorine-lined ball valve is to flush the pipeline and vent the air. The flushing pipe is generally installed downwards, and can also be installed upwards. 2. The function of the inspection pipe is to check whether the trap works normally. For example, when the condensed water is directly discharged into the atmosphere, the inspection pipe may not be installed after the trap. During the inspection, if the inspection pipe is opened and a large amount of steam is found, it means that the steam trap is broken and needs to be repaired. 3. Shut-off valves should be installed before and after the trap to facilitate the use of the trap during maintenance; the shut-off valve is often a shut-off valve. If the condensate is directly discharged into the atmosphere, the shut-off valve may not be installed after the trap.
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