What are the functional characteristics of fluorine-lined gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-15
What functional characteristics does the fluorine-lined gate valve have? People can also come into contact with various valves in life, and the function of the valve is usually used to control the fluid, with a series of functions such as cut-off and diversion. Since there are differences in the types of valves, their functional characteristics will naturally be different. As one of the more common valves, what functional characteristics does the fluorine-lined gate valve have? Let's take a look at the introduction below. Usually, the function of the fluorine-lined gate valve in the pipeline is to cut off the medium flow. The diameter of this type of valve is about DN ≥ 50mm, so it is used for cutting devices, and its effect is relatively good. Even in some cases, the cut-off device with a small diameter will also choose this type of valve. The fluorine-lined gate valve has the following advantages: ①The resistance of the medium flow is relatively small; ②When opening or closing, the external force is low; ③The direction of the medium flow will not be restricted; ④When the valve is fully opened, it is corroded The degree of pressure is low; ⑤ The structure of the valve is very simple, and the process performance of casting is relatively high. The shortcomings of the fluorine-lined gate valve are: 1. The size of the valve is relatively large, and when it is opened, it needs a higher height range, so when the valve is installed, it needs to give enough space. ②When opening and closing, there will be relative friction between the sealing surfaces of the valve, which will cause scratches. ③ Usually, there are two sealing surfaces of the fluorine-lined gate valve, so it is relatively difficult to process and maintain. As for the functional characteristics of the fluorine-lined gate valve, I believe that after understanding the above content, you will have the answer in your heart. Indeed, there are some differences in the functions of different valves, and it is these differences that allow the valves to maximize their own effectiveness and benefit people's lives when they are used.
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