What are the commonly used valves in life (top)?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-29
Because there are many types of valves, and each has its own purpose, it is widely used in industry and can be seen basically everywhere. It is also because the valve has indeed accelerated the development of the industry and improved the efficiency, so people like it so much. The valve can control the direction of fluid movement, the structure is simple and easy to operate, and it can be used skillfully without knowing too much. Gate valves are suitable for most switching operations, vibration-free hydrocarbons, and utilities over all temperature ranges. In vibrational operation, gate valves may open or close from their normal position. Unless the stem packing is carefully adjusted, gate valves have better torque characteristics than ball and plug valves, but do not have the convenient operating characteristics of a 90-degree turn action. 1. For manually operated gate valves of size DN50 (2in) or larger, they should be equipped with elastic gates or expansion gates. Wedge gate valves generally do not have cavity overpressure protection. 2. Unprotected rising stem gate valve is not recommended. Because the marine environment corrodes the exposed stem and threads, making the valve difficult to operate and prone to damage to the stem packing. 3. Gate valve with reverse action plate, suitable for automatic shutdown system operation. Simple push-pull operators are available for these valves, thus avoiding the complex lever cams normally required for ball and plug valves. All moving parts with power operators on the gate valve can be closed off, eliminating contamination due to paint and corrosion products. 4. Gate valves cannot be used in throttling operations. Especially with fluids containing sand, throttling can damage the sealing surfaces. 5. The operating temperature of the soft-sealed gate valve is limited by the sealing material. Globe Valves Globe valves are suitable when good throttling control is required (eg by-passing a control valve or with a small vent hole). Ball valve When the operating temperature is between -29°C and 200°C, most manual (open and close) ball valves are suitable for the operation of hydrocarbon and utility systems. For ball valves used above 100°C, the soft sealing material should be carefully considered when applying. The temperature limit should be above 100°C. Metal-sealed ball valves should be considered for high-temperature or highly abrasive operations, but it should be noted that the operating torque must be increased. 1. There are two designs of ball valve, namely floating ball type and trunnion type ball valve. The design of the floating ball valve will generate high operating torque under high pressure or large pipe diameter, but the sealing performance is better. 2. Ball valves are not suitable for throttling because, when the valve is partially opened, its sealing surface will be damaged by exposure to the process fluid. 3. For critical operations, you should consider purchasing a ball valve equipped with ball seat and stem lubrication fittings, because lubrication can prevent slight leakage and reduce operating torque. If the valve needs to have both shut-off and discharge functions, then Ball bleed holes shall be provided independent of lubrication fittings. The above content is shared here. This article introduces you to gate valves, globe valves, ball valves and other valves. The gate valve is suitable for switching, the speed is very fast and does not require a lot of force, the globe valve is suitable for throttling control, especially for gas, and the ball valve is suitable for high temperature or severe abrasion, because of its good sealing performance.
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