What are the characteristics of pneumatic actuators

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-23
Pneumatic actuators are actuators that use air pressure to drive open, close or adjust valves, also known as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic devices, but they are generally called pneumatic heads. Today, I mainly introduce the characteristics of pneumatic actuators: Characteristics of pneumatic actuators: 1. Gear type double piston, large output torque and small size. 2. The cylinder is made of aluminum-gold material, which is light in weight and beautiful in appearance. 3. Manual operating mechanisms can be installed at the top and bottom. 4. The rack connection can adjust the opening angle and rated flow. 5. The actuator can be equipped with electrified signal feedback indication and various accessories to realize automatic operation. 6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for product installation and replacement. 7. Adjustment screws at both ends allow standard products to have an adjustable range of ±4° at 0° and 90°. Ensure synchronization accuracy with the valve. The options of accessories The following accessories can be selected according to different control and requirements: Cut-off accessories: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch echo. Adjustable accessories: electrical positioning equipment, pneumatic positioning equipment, electrical converters. Air source treatment accessories: air filter pressure reducing valve, air source treatment triplet. Manual mechanism: HVSD manual operating mechanism.
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