What are the characteristics of fluorine-lined ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-23
After years of practical use in anti-corrosion pipelines, high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes are the quality assurance of fluorine-lined ball valve products. Since the company introduced and researched fluorine-lined ball valve technology, after years of unremitting efforts of engineers and technicians, the company has successfully developed integral molded lined fluorine-lined ball valve products. The main features are as follows: 1) High operating temperature: under the condition of strong corrosive medium , can meet the operating temperature range -60 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, within this temperature range (except molten alkali metals, elemental fluorine and aromatic hydrocarbons), can meet all chemical media. 2) Vacuum resistance: in the range of -60 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, it can be used under vacuum conditions. In chemical production, partial vacuum is often caused by cooling, vertical discharge, and asynchronous operation of pump valves. 3) High pressure resistance: within the temperature range, it can withstand the operating pressure of up to 3Mpa. 4) Anti-permeability: High-quality resin is selected and processed into a PTFE lining layer with high density and sufficient thickness through advanced lining technology, so that the product has excellent anti-permeability. 5) The overall molding and sintering process lining solves the problem of steel-fluorine hot and cold expansion and contraction, so that it can achieve synchronous expansion and contraction. 6) The fluorine-lined ball valve adopts standardized size preparation, especially the pipes and pipe fittings used in chemical pipelines have strong interchangeability, which provides great convenience for installation and spare parts.
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