What are the applications of one-piece ball valves in industry

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-11
What are the industrial applications of the one-piece ball valve? The FRP lining controlled by the one-piece ball valve has been used in the application of chemical anti-corrosion equipment for a long time in foreign countries, but its development speed is slow, mainly due to the failure to solve the overall glass fiber reinforced plastic in the early stage. The leakage problem of the inner liner, thus limiting its scope of application. After the 1970s, foreign countries have made a great breakthrough in the problem of anti-leakage, that is, the lining of the glass steel pipe controlled by the integral one-piece ball valve is made of thermoplastics with excellent corrosion resistance and impermeability, so that the corrosion resistance is improved. The FRP used almost accounts for more than 20% of the total FRP. Thermoplastics commonly used in foreign integral FRP linings include polyvinyl chloride plastics, polypropylene plastics, ABS plastics and fluorine-containing plastics. In Japan, the United States and Western European countries, the FRP lined plastic controlled by the integral one-piece ball valve has been widely used in the industry. At present, in addition to the above thermoplastics, other materials with excellent corrosion resistance and good impermeability are also widely used as linings for integral FRP linings, such as rubber linings with excellent corrosion resistance, glass linings and impermeable graphite. Lining etc.
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