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Valve selection elements

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-19
In fact, there are many factors to be considered in the selection of imported valves, but the selection according to the fluid direction of the valve, the flow control of the valve, and the characteristics of the medium is an important factor to be considered; combined with the valve of the German LIT brand, to Analysis of the selection factors of the valve 1. The valve flow channel used for the cut-off and opening medium is a straight-through valve. Commonly used are imported butterfly valves, imported gate valves, imported ball valves, etc., which have small flow resistance and are usually selected as the cut-off and opening medium. valve used. The downward closed valve (inlet globe valve, plunger valve) is less used because of its tortuous flow path and higher flow resistance than other valves. In the occasions where higher flow resistance is allowed, such as the occasion where the conveyed medium is gas, the downward closed valve can be selected. When selecting an imported butterfly valve, when the conveyed medium has many impurities, such as raw water or sewage, a horizontal butterfly valve should be selected, because its valve shaft is in a horizontal direction, and it is not easy to accumulate debris and scale at the bottom of the flow channel, which is beneficial to protect the valve. Plate sealing ring; or choose imported hard sealing butterfly valve of German LIT brand, which can ensure sealing, wear resistance and service life. The gate valve should also be selected as far as possible without grooves at the bottom of the valve flow channel to avoid valve leakage due to the accumulation of debris in the groove. 2. Valves used to control flow are usually selected as valves that are easy to adjust flow, also known as inlet control valves. Downward closing valves, such as globe valves, are suitable for this purpose because of the proportional relationship between the size of the seat and the travel of the closing member. Rotary valves (rotary plug, butterfly, ball) and flexible body valves (pinch, diaphragm) can also be used for throttling control, but usually only within a limited range of valve sizes. The gate valve uses the disc-shaped gate to make a transverse movement to the circular valve seat mouth. It can control the flow well only when it is close to the closed position, so it is usually not used for flow control. 3. Valves for reversing and shunting According to the needs of reversing and shunting, this valve can have three or more channels. Plug valves and ball valves are more suitable for this purpose, so most of the valves used for reversing and diverting are selected from one of these types of valves. In some cases, however, other types of valves can also be used for reversing and diverting, as long as two or more valves are properly connected to each other. For example, taking the valve of LIT in Germany as an example, there are mainly imported three-way ball valves and imported three-way plug valves. Three-way ball valves are divided into T-type and L-type. 4. Valves for media with suspended particles When there are suspended particles in the medium, it is most suitable to use a valve with a wiping effect of its closing member sliding along the sealing surface. If the back and forth movement of the closure member against the valve seat is vertical, particles may be trapped. Therefore, this valve is only suitable for basically clean media unless the material of the sealing surface can allow particles to be embedded. The ball valve and the plug valve have a wiping effect on the sealing surface during the opening and closing process, so they are suitable for use in the medium with suspended particles. According to the selection suggestion of German LIT, imported knife gate valve and imported V-shaped ball valve are adopted.
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