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Valve performance testing

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-17
When a valve is manufactured in batches of a certain specification, an authoritative organization should be entrusted to carry out the following performance tests: ① the opening and closing torque of the valve under the working pressure condition; ② the continuous opening and closing times that can ensure that the valve is tightly closed under the working pressure condition; ③ The detection of the flow resistance coefficient of the valve under the condition of pipeline water delivery. The valve should be tested as follows before leaving the factory: ① When the valve is open, the valve body should withstand the internal pressure test that is twice the working pressure value of the valve; ② When the valve is closed, both sides bear 1.1 times the working pressure value of the valve, respectively. There is no leakage; however, the leakage value of metal-sealed butterfly valves is not greater than the relevant requirements.
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