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Valve Operation Precautions

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-11
Correctly identifying the opening and closing direction of the valve and indicating signals are the basis. Skilled operation of the valve can solve problems when encountering problems, so as not to cause troubles. Use proper force when operating the valve, and do not damage the valve with too much force. It is also not capable of being too small to cause poor rigor. Therefore, the staff is required to be familiar with the valve in order to best protect the valve. When operating the valve, the duty personnel should stand on one side of the valve, especially when operating the high temperature and high pressure valve, it is strictly forbidden to operate the body facing the valve, in order to prevent the leakage of the valve packing soda and scald or shoot the staff. When operating the valve, the force should be evenly applied, and the force should not be too strong. For low-pressure cast iron valves, a wrench should not be used during operation, and the valve that needs to be switched with a wrench should be operated with moderate force. Gloves should be worn when operating high temperature and high pressure valves, and a special 'F' wrench should be used during operation, and the size of the wrench should be appropriate. Do not use the sleeve over the wrench to help open the valve. When operating valves with thin pipes such as drain doors, sewage doors, sampling doors and instrument primary doors, force evenly, hold the wrench in one hand, and hold the valve handwheel in the other hand to open the valve. The standard of closing the valve should be that the medium does not leak, and excessive force should not be used to prevent the valve stem from being bent. For valves that require full opening and full closing, especially the shut-off valves of the main steam system and high-pressure water supply system, it cannot be used as a regulating medium. flow. When operating two series-connected primary and secondary doors, such as sewage door, drain door, etc., the door should be opened first, and then the secondary door should be gradually fully opened. When closing the door, first close the second door, and then close the door once. Valves that have an impact on the safe operation of the boiler, such as the main steam isolation door, water supply door, etc., should be instructed by a special person during operation, and operate slowly. Do not operate too fast, which will affect the normal operation of the boiler. When the valve is damaged and cannot be opened normally, it cannot be used. Brute force operation should be reported to the supervisor and workshop in time, and dealt with according to the situation. When operating the electric valve, such as the main steam electric door, the water supply electric door, etc., it should be noted that when opening it, it should be manually opened for 1-2 turns, and then opened electrically. Shut down. When operating the two-color water level gauge valve, the secondary door of the soda water side of the water level gauge is equipped with an insurance steel ball to prevent the soda water from being sprayed out when the glass tube bursts. , otherwise it will cause the insurance steel ball to act and protect, block the soda water passage, and make the water level gauge unable to work. According to the design requirements, the secondary door of the soda and water side of the water level gauge must be fully opened, otherwise the insurance steel ball will not be able to move and will not play a protective role. The above are the matters that should be paid attention to during the operation of the valve, you should keep it in mind. If you still don't understand anything, please come to consult Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd., Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to innovation and valve manufacturing, in order to bring better valves to everyone work hard.
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