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[Valve Discussion] How to select fluorine-lined valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-19
Fluorine-lined valves have been widely used in devices that contact strong corrosive media such as acid and alkali in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, electric power and other industries, but how to choose and use fluorine-lined valves well, according to our customers for many years. Based on the experience of on-site application, the following precautions should be taken when selecting fluorine-lined valves, such as medium temperature, pressure, pressure difference, etc.: 1. The medium conditions used for fluorine-lined valves should not have hard particles, crystals, impurities, etc. During the opening and closing operation of the valve, the valve core, the fluorine lining of the valve seat or the tetrafluoro bellows are worn out. For the medium with hard particles, crystals and impurities, when selecting, the valve core and valve seat can be changed to Hastelloy. 2. The temperature of the medium used by the fluorine-lined valve: the fluorine plastic used in our company's various fluorine-lined valves is F46 (FEP), and the temperature of the medium used cannot exceed 150 °C (the medium temperature can reach 150 °C in a short time, and a long time. The operating temperature should be controlled within 120°C), otherwise, the F46 lining of various parts of the valve is easy to soften and deform, resulting in the valve not closing and the leakage is large. If the temperature of the medium used is below 180°C for a short time and below 150°C for a long time, another fluoroplastic—PFA can be used, but the fluoroplastic lined with PFA is more expensive than the one lined with F46. . 3. The pressure and differential pressure should be controlled within the allowable range. Especially fluorine-lined regulating valve and fluorine-lined globe valve sealed by bellows. Because the bellows is made of tetrafluoro material, the pressure and pressure difference are large, which can easily lead to the rupture of the bellows. Bellows-sealed fluorine-lined control valve can be changed to PTFE packing seal if the pressure and differential pressure are large. 4. The fluorine-lined valve should correctly select the diameter of the valve according to the required flow (Cv value). When selecting, the diameter of the fluorine-lined valve and the opening degree of the valve should be calculated according to the technical parameters such as the required flow rate (Cv value). It is easy to make the valve core and rod be impacted by the medium and cause the valve to vibrate, and the valve core rod will even break the valve stem under the impact of the medium for a long time. When selecting various types of fluorine-lined valves, users should understand and master the technical conditions as much as possible, so as to select and use them well and improve the service life of the valves. When encountering the range beyond the technical conditions of use, it should be proposed to the manufacturer, negotiated together, and take corresponding countermeasures to solve it. 5. Do not have negative pressure. Fluorine-lined valves should avoid negative pressure in the pipelines used. If there is negative pressure, it is easy to cause the fluorine-lined layer in the inner cavity of the valve to be sucked out (bulged) and shelled, resulting in failure of the valve to open and close.
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