fluorine lining gate valve

Valve body material

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-19
The straight-through single-seat valve (GLOBE) has only one valve seat and sealing surface in the valve body. It has a simple structure and good sealing effect. It is a type of valve body that is used more. The straight-through double-seat valve (GLOBE) has two valve seats and sealing surfaces in the valve body. It has large flow capacity and small unbalanced force, but has large leakage and poor cut-off effect. It is a type of valve body that is used more. The inner valve core of the sleeve valve (CAGE) valve body is guided by the sleeve, and there is a window on the sleeve to determine the flow rate and flow characteristics. Balance holes can be opened on the valve core to reduce the unbalanced force, and the sleeve valve can adjust the ratio Large, small vibration, small unbalanced force, good interchangeability, suitable for most single and double seat valve applications, but not suitable for particles and relatively dirty media. It is the most widely used valve body type. Ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, etc. can be used as regulating valve
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