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Types of reversing valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-14
There are many types of reversing valves, and according to different standards, there are different divisions. But generally speaking, it mainly has four kinds, which are motor reversing valve, manual reversing valve, electromagnetic reversing valve and electro-hydraulic reversing valve. 1. What is a reversing valve? From a professional point of view, a reversing valve is a directional control valve, which is mainly used to realize the circulation of hydraulic oil flow, the reversing of the cutting machine, and the pressure unloading. , and sequential action control, etc., so its use is still very extensive. 2. The working principle of the reversing valve The reversing valve rotates the drive shaft with the help of the drive transmission mechanism outside the valve, and then starts the valve plate, etc., so that the working fluid can flow into the outlet leading to the lower part of the valve, and can be changed from time to time, thus To achieve this purpose of periodic change flow. 3. Classification of reversing valve (1) Motorized reversing valve, also known as stroke valve. (2) Electromagnetic reversing valve, the electromagnetic reversing valve is a directional control valve that uses electromagnetic attraction to manipulate the spool transposition. (3) Electro-hydraulic reversing valve, electro-hydraulic reversing valve is a composite valve composed of electromagnetic reversing valve and hydraulic reversing valve. (4) Manual reversing valve, the manual reversing valve is a directional control valve that pushes the lever by hand to manipulate the spool transposition. Among the reversing valves, there is a four-way reversing valve, which is also a commonly used one, so Jiuli will briefly explain it below, so that everyone can know and understand. The four-way reversing valve is mainly composed of a main valve, a control valve and a capillary tube. The main valve refers to the four-way pneumatic reversing valve, and the control valve refers to the electromagnetic reversing valve. And in the main valve, it also includes a slider, a piston, etc., which constitute the active valve core. And at both ends, there are also through holes, so that the capillary can communicate with the space in the valve. The control valve includes a valve body and a solenoid coil, and there is a needle valve core in the valve body.
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