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To understand the characteristics and uses of water supply valves, you need to know these things

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-25
Since it is an introduction, start from the beginning. Drainage valves belong to the water industry products, mainly used in the field of water supply, for cities, buildings and enterprises, and other water supply and drainage functions. There are several types of valves, such as butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve and plug valve, and their scope of use is different. Generally, butterfly valves with larger calibers are selected, gate valves with little influence of soil depth, and ball valves and plug valves with small and medium calibers. In recent years, due to the improvement of casting technology, the use of resin sand casting can avoid or reduce mechanical processing, thereby reducing costs, so the feasibility of ball valves used in large-diameter pipelines is worth exploring. As for the demarcation line of caliber size, it should be considered and divided according to the specific situation. The main disadvantage of the butterfly valve is that the butterfly plate occupies a certain cross-section of the water, which increases a certain head loss; although the gate valve does not have this problem, the height of the large-diameter vertical gate valve affects the depth of soil covering of the pipeline, and the length of the large-diameter horizontal gate valve increases. The pipeline occupies a lateral area, which affects the arrangement of other pipelines; the ball valve and the plug valve maintain the advantages of single gate valve, small water flow resistance, reliable sealing, flexible movement, and convenient operation and maintenance. The plug valve also has similar advantages, but the water-passing section is not a perfect circle. Usually, the valve is required to be opened in place to reduce the head loss of the pipe section, so the valve is a kind of control equipment that 'supports a thousand days and a short period of time'; the integrity rate of the valve is related to the selection of the valve, the manufacture of the valve, and the design of the pipeline. , valve assembly, valve opening and closing and valve management, of course, the main reason is the quality of the valve. Valves have a large number, wide distribution and great effect in the water supply network. Therefore, there are many issues worth discussing in valve selection, inspection, performance and management. Many domestic valve manufacturers have developed soft-sealed gate valves. Compared with traditional wedge or parallel double-gate gate valves, this gate valve has the following characteristics: 1. The valve body and bonnet of the soft-sealing gate valve are cast by precision casting, which is formed in one time, and no mechanical processing is required at all, and no sealing copper ring is used, which saves non-ferrous metals; 2. 2. There is no pit at the bottom of the soft-sealed gate valve, and no slag is accumulated, and the failure rate of the gate valve opening and closing is low; 3. The soft seal rubber-lined valve plate has uniform size and strong interchangeability. Therefore, the soft sealing gate valve will be the development direction of the gate valve, and it is also a valve that the water supply industry is willing to use. When opening and closing the soft sealing gate valve, do not close it too much, as long as the water stop effect is achieved, otherwise it is not easy to open or the rubber lining is peeled off. Most of the butterfly valves used in the water supply industry are soft-sealed butterfly valves. In view of the fact that the rubber ring of the butterfly valve is easily damaged during the installation process, which affects the sealing performance, many manufacturers have introduced metal-sealed butterfly valves instead of rubber-sealed butterfly valves. Metal-sealed butterfly valves generally use an eccentric structure due to the small elasticity of the seal, especially a three-dimensional eccentric structure is more reasonable. The above is the secret that I calculated yesterday. I can't reveal it. I told you quietly, you must remember it well! The editor I wrote is only such a copy, if you lose it, it will be gone! Today's small sharing ends here, a small update every day, what is the name of the following sentence? It is called convenient for you and me.
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