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Three steps of surfacing welding technology for fluorine-lined valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-31
Three-step surfacing technology for fluorine-lined valves Now we see that many fluorine-lined valves are surfacing the sealing surface of the valve in the form of welding. After this method is used, the materials used have excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. surfacing layer to protect the safe and effective operation of the equipment. This method should be completed. The following three aspects will be explained. 1. The determination of the surfacing welding material for the fluorine-lined valve is based on the working conditions of the fluorine-lined valve. Cobalt-based alloys with a certain impact resistance are used as surfacing materials. However, cobalt-based alloys have poor toughness and plasticity, and their thermal expansion coefficients are quite different from those of the base metal, so cracks are prone to occur, so it is decided to adopt layered welding. 2. Determination of the surfacing material for the transition layer of the fluorine-lined valve In order to improve the impact resistance of the surfacing layer, it is decided to design a 9HH thick transition layer between the cobalt-based alloy and the base metal. After research, it is found that the ultra-low carbon stainless steel electrode E309L-16 is a good transition layer material, which not only improves the plasticity of the fusion zone, but also acts as a buffer layer, and solves the compatibility problem between the cobalt-based alloy and the base metal. 3. Determination of working layer material of fluorine-lined valve In order to solve the problem of poor crack resistance of cobalt-based alloy, the working layer adopts the method of adding an appropriate amount of nickel-based alloy to cobalt-based alloy, that is, the method of composite alloy powder surfacing. For this reason, Co42 and Ni60 are selected as the upper valve core surfacing layer materials, and Co50 and Ni60 are used as the lower valve core surfacing layer materials, which not only improves the crack resistance of the cobalt-based alloy surfacing layer, but also improves the hardness of the fluorine-lined valve. And wear resistance Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. takes 'Your satisfaction. My wish' as u200bu200bits business purpose, specializing in the production of various types of medium and high-grade fluorine-lined valves, fluorine-lined ball valves, and fluorine-lined butterfly valves.
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