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Three main advantages of pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-28
There are three main advantages of pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valve: 1. It has strong function, small size, light weight, low leakage, reliable performance, simple matching, large flow capacity, and is also suitable for the medium with viscous, particle-containing and fibrous properties. occasion. 2. There is an anti-static device between the valve body and the valve stem, and the valve stem is designed with an anti-explosion device, which can be selected for a variety of harsh occasions. Beautiful appearance, reliable quality and so on. 3. The valve body design and casting all adopt Taiwan's advanced technology and have a reasonable structure. It can achieve bubble level sealing, small opening and closing torque, and long service life.
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The stability of the system, controllability of the types of industrial valves process, and mobility of the machines provide with a flexible and reliable valve application system.
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