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The working principle of pneumatic diaphragm valve and electric diaphragm valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-06
Diaphragm valves can be divided into three types according to the driving mode, manual, pneumatic and electric. But let's get straight to the latter two today. The sealing effect of pneumatic diaphragm valve and electric diaphragm valve is very good, and they are suitable for corrosive, liquid and other media, and the resistance of fluid is also very small. So how do they work? Next, I will introduce the working principles of the pneumatic diaphragm valve and the electric diaphragm valve respectively. Working principle of pneumatic diaphragm valve: The pneumatic diaphragm valve is composed of two parts: the diaphragm valve and the pneumatic actuator. It uses compressed air as the power to realize the adjustment of the flow of the fluid medium in the process pipeline. The closing and opening of the pneumatic diaphragm valve is achieved by the pressure from the pipeline acting on the reinforced rubber diaphragm. When the pressure medium enters the valve control chamber, the diaphragm is pressed down and the valve channel is closed. When the control chamber pressure is discharged to the atmosphere or the downstream pipeline, the diaphragm rises and the valve channel is opened. Valve] There is no valve stem, gasket, directional seat, etc., and the moving part in the channel is the diaphragm, so there is no corrosion and locking phenomenon, and it has higher stability. A variety of structural forms and control forms can be applied to a variety of fluid control needs. It has good sealing performance in both directions of fluid flow within a large working pressure range. In order to adapt to special application conditions, different valve body and diaphragm materials that are in contact with the medium can be selected. Reliability under pressure, compact product design and beautiful appearance. A complete range of accessories can expand the user's application range. The drive unit is small in size, saving installation space. Working principle of electric diaphragm valve: Imported electric diaphragm valve Electric diaphragm valve consists of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, valve disc, diaphragm, electric device and other driving parts. The opening and closing of the electric diaphragm valve is achieved by the connecting shaft of the electric device driving the valve stem nut, so that when the valve stem moves axially, it drives the valve disc to rise and fall. When the electric operation needs to be restored, the 'switching handle' must be switched to the position marked with electric power before electric operation can be carried out. The electric rubber-lined diaphragm valve can be used as the opening and closing mechanism to control the flow of the medium on the general corrosive fluid pipeline at different temperatures according to different lining materials. When the power supply fails and is interrupted, and the valve needs to be opened and closed urgently, firstly, the 'hand-electric switching handle' should be switched to the position marked with manual, and then the flash door can be opened and closed by rotating the handwheel. When turned clockwise, the valve can be closed; otherwise, it will open. The above is the working principle of the pneumatic diaphragm valve and the electric diaphragm valve that I have introduced to you. If you have anything unclear or want to know, you are welcome to come and consult. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to valve innovation and manufacturing, striving to bring better products to everyone.
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