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The working principle of adjustable pressure reducing valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-11
The working principle of the adjustable pressure reducing valve: 1. The new adjustable pressure reducing valve is installed on the urban one-way water supply pipeline, which can reduce the higher upstream (inlet) pressure of the valve to the downstream (outlet) pressure that meets the requirements of use. How the upstream pressure and flow change, the set downstream pressure remains constant. 2. Structural composition The new adjustable pressure reducing valve is composed of main valve, pressure feedback system and control pipeline. The main valve consists of valve body, diaphragm seat, valve cover, diaphragm, valve stem, valve plate and other main parts. The pressure feedback system consists of a pilot valve assembly and a control pipeline. The control pipeline consists of gate valve, filter, pressure gauge and pipeline accessories. 3. Working principle The outlet pressure of the pressure reducing valve is controlled by the adjusting bolt on the pilot valve. It operates in coordination with the needle valve on the pilot valve. Once the valve is adjusted, the pressure will always remain a constant constant. When the main valve is opened, the medium flows to the outlet and also enters the upper cavity of the diaphragm chamber of the main valve through the pilot valve, so that the opening height of the main valve plate is stabilized at a certain value, so that the pressure after the valve is constant. When the outlet pressure increases, the medium passes through the pressure feedback system to increase the pressure of the upper chamber of the main valve, the pressure balance between the upper and lower chambers of the main valve is destroyed, and the opening value of the valve is reduced, so that the flow rate of the medium passing through the opening increases and the kinetic energy changes. The pressure loss is caused, and the pressure behind the valve is reduced. Conversely, when the pressure behind the valve decreases, the opening of the main valve plate increases, and the pressure behind the valve increases. 4. Technical parameters a. Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa; b. Outlet pressure: PN1.0MPa, adjustment range 0.1MPa—0.8MPa; c. Applicable medium: raw water, clean water; d. Medium temperature: 0℃—80℃. 5. Features a. The new type of adjustable pressure reducing valve can be adjusted continuously, and the effect of pressure reduction and voltage stabilization is good. An independent pressure feedback system is formed through the pilot valve, and is controlled by the hydraulic principle. The outlet pressure is not affected by the change of the inlet pressure and flow, which can reduce the dynamic pressure and the static pressure. b. Easy to operate and maintain, only need to adjust the adjustment bolt on the pilot valve to obtain accurate and stable outlet pressure, the key internal parts are made of high-quality materials, and no maintenance is required. c. Large caliber, the largest pressure reducing valve in China at present. d. The valve body adopts a streamlined wide body design, which has a large flow volume and a small resistance loss. e. It can replace the intermediate pool, reduce the land area of ​​the pool, and avoid secondary pollution of water quality.
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