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The valve is not closed tightly, what should be paid attention to in daily maintenance?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-09
In the whole process of the valve application, there will be some confusing problems, such as whether the valve is not tightly closed, what should I do? Usually, if it is not tightly closed, first determine whether the valve is related If it has been turned off, if there is still leakage and cannot be sealed, you should check the condition of the protruding surface. The sealing pair of some valves is detachable, you just take it out and start grinding and experiment again. If it is still not tightly closed, you must repair or replace the valve to prevent problems such as endangering the normal application of the valve and load safety accidents. If the valve does not close tightly, you should first find out where the problem is, and then deal with it in a relative way. The reasons why the valve is not tightly closed usually have the following categories: (1) There is residue stuck on the convex surface, and the dirt is accumulated at the bottom of the valve or between the disc and the high-pressure gate valve; (2) The external thread of the valve stem is corroded, and the valve is not (3) The convex surface of the valve is destroyed, causing material leakage; (4) The connection between the valve stem and the valve disc is not very good, so that the valve disc and the high-pressure gate valve cannot be tightly touched. The solution to the valve is not tightly closed: 1. There is debris stuck on the valve raised surface. Sometimes the valve cannot be closed tightly. There will be residues stuck between the valve protrusions. At this time, it is forced to close without force. Some big moves, then try to turn them off, keep trying, usually you can only clear them, otherwise you should check again. The quality of the substance should also be maintained clean. 2. Corrosion of the external thread of the valve stem For the valve that is generally open, when it is inadvertently closed, because the external thread of the valve stem has already been corroded, it will also cause a situation that the valve cannot be closed tightly. In view of this situation, the valve can be turned on and off several times, and the bottom end of the oil circuit board can be hit with a small hammer at the same time, that is, the valve can be closed tightly without grinding and repairing the valve. 3. Destroyed valve protruding surface For the situation where the power switch still cannot be turned off after several attempts, if the protruding surface is wrong, or the protruding surface is damaged by erosion, particle scratches in the material, etc., this situation should be Troubleshooting. 4. The connection between the valve stem and the valve disc is not very good. In this case, it is necessary to add grease to the valve stem and the valve stem nut to ensure that the power switch of the valve is flexible. There must be a set of reliable maintenance plans to improve the maintenance work of the valve.
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