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The use and principle of electric two-way valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-11
Electric two-way valve The electric two-way valve is a special product for central air-conditioning fan coil units. It consists of a driver and a valve body. The driver is driven by a synchronous motor and has the functions of spring return and manual valve opening lever manipulation. The working principle of the electric two-way valve is that the driver is driven by a reversible synchronous motor with a magnetic clutch. Using the magnetic effect of the motor through the motor rotor and the clutch, it can generate stable torque under the condition of standstill. Therefore, when the motor has no current passing through it, it can stably stop at any point. When the valve is fully opened or fully closed, the magnetic clutch is disengaged and the adjustment is stopped. The drive's incremental or proportional controller sends signals to turn the motor clockwise or counterclockwise. Technical principle The electric two-way valve consists of a temperature sensor, a proportional-integral temperature controller and an electric regulating valve to form a supply air temperature control system. The temperature sensor installed in the return pipe transmits the detected temperature signal to the temperature controller, which is controlled by the temperature controller. The detection value of the temperature sensor is constantly compared with the set value, and at the same time, the signal is continuously output, and the opening connection of the electric control valve is controlled to be adjustable, and finally the ambient temperature measured by the temperature sensor is kept within the set temperature range. Classification characteristics Electric two-way valve is divided into two types: direct-acting and pilot-operated. Its application range and characteristics are as follows: 1. The driver is driven by a single-phase hysteresis synchronous motor, the valve spring is reset, and the valve is in a normally closed state when it is not working. When it needs to work, the thermostat provides an open signal to make the electric valve actuate when it is connected to the AC power supply. 2. It is used to control the opening or closing of the pipes of the cold water or hot water air conditioning system to achieve the purpose of controlling the room temperature. 3. Open the valve, chilled water or hot water enters the fan coil unit to provide air-conditioning or heating for the room. When the room temperature reaches the set value of the thermostat, the thermostat will power off the electric valve, and the reset spring will close the valve, thereby Cut off the water flow into the fan coil unit, and close and open the valve to keep the room temperature within the temperature range set by the temperature control. The driver of the electric valve and the valve are connected by thread, and the driver can be installed after the valve is installed. On-site assembly, flexible and convenient wiring. The plane design of the driver can be installed close to the wall, occupying a small space, the product is reliable and durable, the working noise is low, and it can work reliably in the high temperature and high humidity environment that often occurs in the concealed fan coil unit.
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