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The principle and application of forged steel valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-02
1. Principle of forged steel valve: For forged steel valve, it is mainly necessary to consider specific problems in the sequential transportation of oil products in the future. Given the different qualities of diesel and gasoline, the scour and disintegration ability of gasoline should be considered. In the future valve operation, when encountering gasoline section operations, the grease should be replenished in time to prevent the occurrence of wear. When injecting grease, do not neglect the grease injection at the valve stem. There are sliding bushings or packings on the valve shaft, which also needs to be kept lubricated to reduce the frictional resistance during operation. If lubrication cannot be ensured, the torque will increase the wear parts during electric operation, and the switch will be laborious during manual operation. 2. Forged steel valve application: Axial piston, non-automatic forged steel valve, recommended for use in pipelines with fluctuating flow, such as reciprocating compressors and pump outlet pipelines. They are not suitable for use in pipelines where the fluid contains sand or impurities. Piston check valves are equipped with an orifice plate to control the movement of the piston. Orifice plates for liquids are much larger than those for gases. Piston check valves designed for gas lines should not be used for liquid service unless the orifice plate in the piston is replaced.
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