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The performance characteristics of electric control valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-11
Performance characteristics of the electric regulating valve 1. The design of the water system in some areas needs to be changed due to the change of some uses in the later stage of the project or after it is put into operation. It will not affect the design of the water system in other areas, and will not affect the balance of the water system in other areas. . 2. Since there is no need to use valve groups and valves for layered control, it saves you more pipes, insulation materials and installation costs and time; 3. The water system is in a balanced state, so no matter whether the installation is staged or constructed The use of the equipment in stages will not affect the balance of the water system; 4. System debugging is not required, so it saves a lot of trouble, saves a lot of time, and shortens the completion date; 5. The flow balance of the system is automatically carried out, making installation and maintenance. It is more convenient and eliminates the possibility of human error breaking the balance. 6. The whole system is in a dynamic balance state, so the refrigeration unit and the water pump will operate in an energy-saving state, saving a lot of maintenance costs.
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