fluorine lining gate valve

The intelligence of fluorine-lined globe valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-29
With the continuous development of the economy, the fluorine-lined globe valve has also begun to develop intelligently, so what is the specific development situation? my country's valves have always had a clear goal in the development direction of intelligent operation. In addition to the continuous learning and progress in the CNC machinery industry, with the stabilization of technology, the automatic control operation of the valve industry has also been regarded as a development focus, in response to the country's efforts to save energy, The call for environmental protection, consumption reduction, and efficient development, the management and actions of the valve industry have been strengthened, and the adjustment of the valve industry structure and the transformation of the regular growth mode have been promoted. This research will develop rapidly in the next few years in an orderly manner. Foreign trade continues to grow, among which pneumatic ball valves, electric ball valves, and electric butterfly valves have achieved great development. China's valve manufacturing industry is facing the huge challenge of transforming to high-end, undertaking international advanced manufacturing and participating in international division of labor. Accelerating the research, development and production of industrial intelligent technology is the main way for China to seize this historical opportunity. Therefore, the development of my country's valve industry should be further implemented: First, industrial intelligent technology is the main means and approach for my country to transform from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. The government should have more policy and economic support for domestic industrial intelligence, and refer to foreign advanced experience. , increase technical investment and transformation; second, in the national science and technology development plan, we should continue to give strong support to intelligent research and development and application, and form a new situation in which products and automated manufacturing equipment are synchronized and coordinated; third, the valve industry The intelligent quality of pneumatic and electric valves has been comparable to that of foreign countries. When purchasing intelligent valves, enterprises should not blindly import them. They should comprehensively evaluate and revitalize domestic products based on domestic products.
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