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The industry standard for ball valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-07
1), the engineering standard 'Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Water Supply, Drainage and Heating Engineering of Buildings' GB50242-2002 'Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering' GB 50243-2002 2), the product standard 'General Valve Flanges and Butt Welding Steel Connections' Ball Valves GB/T12237-89 Iron and Copper Ball Valves GB/T 15185-1994 General Requirements for Steel Valves GB/T 12224-2005 Safety Evaluation Standards for Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials 》 GB/T17219-1998 Standard No. Standard Chinese Name Standard English Name sy/t5835-93 Wellhead Ball Valve for Fracturing GB/T12237-1989 General Purpose Industrial Valves--flanged and butt- weld endsteel ball valves gb/t15185-1994 cast iron and copper alloy ball valves jb/t7745-1995 pipeline ball valves jb/t53167-1999 ball valve product quality classification jc/t783-2004 glass fiber reinforced modified phenolic Plastic ball valve jb/t8861-2004 Ball valve static pressure life test procedure nf e29-350-2003 Industrial valve. Steel ball valve, ball globe valve and check valve (industrial valves - steel globe and globe stop and checkvalves.) nf e29- 466-1987 Industrial valves. Rotary valves. Brass ball valves. Specifications (industrial valves. brass ball-valves. specifications.) nf e29-354-2003 Industrial valves. Cast iron globe valves (industrial valves - cast iron globe valves.) nf e29 -465-1986 Industrial valves. Rotary valves. Copper aluminum ball valves. Specification (industrial valves. cupro-aluminium ball valves. specification.) nf d36-406-2004 Valves for buildings. Manual copper alloys and Stainless steel ball valves - tests and requirements (building valves - manually operated copper alloy and stainlesssteel ball valv es for potable water supply in buildings - tests andrequirements.) nf e29-335-2003 Steel gate, globe and check valves for sizes dn 100 and smaller 100 and smaller, for the petroleum and natural gas industries.) nf e29-139-1998 Manually operated ball valves and closed bottom taper plugvalves for gas installations for buildings. ansi /asse 1002-1979 water closet flush tank ball cocks ansi/api 608-2002 metal ball valves - flanged and butt-welding ends bs en 13709-2003 industrial use Valves - steel globe and globe stop and check valves (industrial valves - steel globe and globe stop and checkvalves) bs en 13789-2003 Industrial valves - cast iron globe valves bs en iso 15761- 2003 Steel gate, ball and check valves of size dn 100 and smaller for the oil and gas industry
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