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The gap between the technical performance indicators of fluorine-lined butterfly valves and international standards

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-16
The gap between the technical performance indicators of fluorine-lined butterfly valves and international standards The technical indicators of my country's fluorine-lined butterfly valves are not worse than the international level. No matter in terms of mechanical strength, butterfly valve material, or working performance, my country's fluorine-lined butterfly valves can be rated as Perfect, but why is it far below international standards when evaluating the overall index? The problem lies in the details, as the so-called details determine success or failure, what are we missing? In addition to measuring technical indicators such as technical performance, when analyzing foreign fluorine-lined butterfly valves, we will find that compared with domestic equivalent products, foreign fluorine-lined butterfly valves are visually exquisite in shape and structure. In addition, the fluorine-lined butterfly valve is suitable for use in large-diameter, large-flow and highly corrosive situations. Its inner cavity is a diaphragm with good anti-corrosion performance. Because it has no specific requirements for the size of the caliber, plus its structure Simple, so keeping its lumen clean is especially important. The inner cavity of the butterfly valve is clean and slightly better in the details. In the design of butterfly valve manual operation, in order to prevent scratches in the hands of the operator, the surface of the manual operation is smooth and evenly painted. In order to reflect the humanized design, the manual operation is also designed according to the arc of the hand. structure. Influenced by foreign valves, my country's valve companies have begun to pay attention to the development of new products. Some achievements have been made in this design. Beyond the 'copy and copy' stage of a general nature. In order to seek a higher-level technical approach, we should improve the valve from a deeper detail and comprehensively analyze and think about the product, and strive to develop independent products for fluorine-lined valves. Let customers feel the human care brought by quality, life, energy saving, environmental protection, novelty and beauty, improve the score index for products, and enhance the image index of the company. Nowadays, valve mechanical products are no longer 'rough' for production, and the humanized design is no longer limited to the patent of daily consumer products. This is a detailed challenge to my country's valve industry, and it should not just stick to conservative design. Concept, add humanistic care to the design, develop new ideas, and inject new ideas into the special valve industry of anti-corrosion valves.
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