fluorine lining gate valve

The difference between valve soft seal and hard seal

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-27
Soft sealing Tanggu valve means that one side of the sealing pair is made of metal material, and the other side is made of elastic non-metallic material. This kind of seal has good sealing performance, but it is not resistant to high temperature, easy to wear, and has poor mechanical properties. Hard seal Tanggu valve means that both sides of the sealing pair are made of metal materials or other hard materials, which are called 'hard seals'. This kind of seal has poor sealing performance, but has high temperature resistance, wear resistance and good mechanical properties. Tanggu valve soft sealing seat is made of non-metallic materials with certain strength, hardness and temperature resistance. It has good sealing performance and can achieve zero leakage, but its service life and adaptability to temperature are relatively poor. Tanggu valve hard seal is made of metal, and the sealing performance is relatively poor. The soft seal cannot meet the process requirements for some corrosive materials, and the hard seal can solve it. These two kinds of seals can complement each other. In terms of tightness, soft seals are relatively good, but now the tightness of Tanggu valve hard seals can also meet the corresponding requirements. The advantage of the soft-sealed Tanggu valve is that it has good sealing performance, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to age, wear, and has a short service life. The hard seal has a long service life, but the sealing performance is relatively poorer than that of the soft seal. There are two main differences in structure between soft seal and hard seal Tanggu valve: 1. Temperature resistance: Soft seal Tanggu valve is used in normal temperature environment. Hard dense Tanggu valve can be used in low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature and other environments. 2. Pressure: soft seal Tanggu valve low pressure - normal pressure, hard seal Tanggu valve can also be used in medium and high pressure conditions
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