fluorine lining gate valve

The difference between the fluorine-lined gate valve and the fluorine-lined globe valve in the stroke

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-16
The difference between the fluorine-lined gate valve and the fluorine-lined globe valve in the stroke The stroke of the fluorine-lined gate valve is larger than that of the fluorine-lined globe valve. The maintenance process is different. The maintenance of the fluorine-lined gate valve is not suitable for on-site pipelines, while most lined The valve seat and disc of the fluorine globe valve can be replaced online without removing the entire valve from the pipeline, which is very suitable for the occasion where the fluorine lined valve and the pipeline are welded together. Of course, the fluorine lined gate valve and the lining The difference between fluorine globe valves is not limited to these types. We must distinguish their similarities and differences well in the selection and use to avoid mistakes. The application range of fluorine-lined globe valves and fluorine-lined gate valves is determined according to their characteristics. In smaller passages, when better shut-off and sealing performance is required, fluorine-lined globe valves are often used; in steam pipelines and large-diameter water supply pipelines, fluorine-lined gate valves are generally used because fluid resistance is generally required to be small.
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