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The difference between soft sealing ball valve and hard sealing ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-02
Let us first understand the difference in structure and mechanism between hard-sealed ball valves and soft-sealed ball valves: Hard-sealed ball valves form a seal between a metal valve seat and a metal ball, and require relatively high machining accuracy and process technology. They are generally used in high temperature and high pressure processes. conditions and above the medium, usually at 250°C or above 35MPa. Soft-seal ball valve is a seal between a metal ball and a non-metal seat, such as nylon or tetrafluoroethylene and PPL, and the manufacturing requirements are different. The selection of soft and hard-sealed ball valves mainly depends on the medium, temperature and pressure of the use process. Generally, the medium containing solid particles or with wear or with a temperature higher than 250 degrees is best to use a hard-sealed ball valve. The diameter of the valve is larger than 50. The pressure difference is also considered. When the torque of the valve is large, the fixed hard-sealed ball valve should be selected. Regardless of the soft and hard seal, the sealing level can reach level 6. Generally, if the temperature is less than 250 degrees, and the medium does not contain particles, you can choose a soft-sealed ball valve.
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