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The difference between rising stem gate valve and dark stem gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-01
The gate valve can be divided into: 1. Rising stem gate valve: the valve stem nut is on the valve cover or bracket. When opening and closing the gate, the valve stem nut is rotated to realize the lifting and lowering of the valve stem. This structure is beneficial to the lubrication of the valve stem, and the degree of opening and closing is obvious, so it is widely used. 2. Dark stem gate valve: The stem nut is in the valve body and is in direct contact with the medium. When opening and closing the gate, it is realized by rotating the valve stem. The advantage of this structure is that the height of the gate valve remains the same, so the installation space is small, and it is suitable for gate valves with large diameters or limited installation space. This structure should be equipped with an opening and closing indicator to indicate the degree of opening and closing. The disadvantage of this structure is that the valve stem thread is not only unable to lubricate, but also directly eroded by the medium and easily damaged. The main difference between the open stem gate valve and the dark stem gate valve: 1. The lifting screw of the dark stem flange gate valve only rotates without moving up and down. Only a rod is exposed, and its nut is fixed on the gate plate. Rotate to lift the gate, there is no visible gantry; the lifting screw of the rising stem flange gate valve is exposed, the nut is close to the handwheel and is fixed (not rotating nor moving axially), and the gate is lifted by rotating the screw , The screw and the gate only have relative rotational movement without relative axial displacement, and the appearance is a gate-shaped bracket. 2. The lead screw cannot be seen in the valve with dark stem, but the lead screw can be seen in the valve with open stem. 3. The steering wheel and the valve stem are connected together relatively stationary when the dark stem valve is switched on and off. It is opened and closed by the valve stem rotating at a fixed point to drive the valve disc to lift up and lower the gate to complete the opening and closing. The rising stem valve lifts or lowers the valve disc through the threaded transmission of the valve stem and the steering wheel. To put it simply, the rising stem valve is a valve disc that moves up and down together with the valve stem, and the steering wheel is always at a fixed point.
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