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The difference between pressure reducing valve, control valve and regulating valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-13
1. Regulating valve: regulating valve has self-operated, electric, pneumatic, manual, regulating flow, regulating pressure (stabilizing pressure), regulating stability, using gas and liquid. Control valve: (automatic) mainly used for water conservancy control. pressure reducing valve inside. It is mainly based on the pipeline pressure to stabilize the pressure behind the valve. If the pressure is too small, it will automatically close. The flow control valve controls the flow of the orifice by changing the liquid resistance of the orifice under a certain pressure difference. Pressure reducing valve: (automatically) reduce the pressure before the valve to a fixed pressure through the pressure reducing valve, and will not change to the pressure after the valve because of the pressure before the valve. 2. Control valve - regulating valve - pressure reducing valve, the former classification is larger than the latter. Regulating valve: It is a valve that regulates the pressure, temperature and flow of the medium in the pipeline. Such as pressure regulating valve, temperature regulating valve. There are also structural points such as single-seat control valve, sleeve control valve. Control valve: Generally speaking, all valves that can realize automatic control valve, that is, do not need manual control, not the kind of handwheel handle, which has regulating valve, shut-off valve, etc. Pressure reducing valve: is to adjust the pressure.
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