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The continuous degree of fluorine-lined ball valve products is divided into production types

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-25
The continuous degree of fluorine-lined ball valve products is divided into production types from the continuous degree of the (production, process) process formed by the fluorine-lined ball valve products, divided into continuous flow and discontinuous (intermittent) non-flow production processes. Such as chemical production, metallurgical production, etc., the production process is realized by continuous chemical and physical changes. Continuous production mode, its production process management is relatively simple. The discontinuous (intermittent) non-process type fluorine-lined ball valve production process has many production links. For example, in the production process of steam pressure reducing valve processing and assembly, the production process is realized in stages according to different process stages. Stainless steel ball valve products are composed of parts. The parts (components) are first processed, the parts are assembled into components, and then the parts are assembled into finished products. According to the output of fluorine-lined ball valve products, the production types are divided into three types: mass production, batch production and single-piece production. Mass production, the fluorine-lined ball valve products produced by the enterprise have a single variety, the work place is highly specialized, and single-piece production, the enterprise produces a variety of fluorine-lined ball valve products, and the work place specialization is low. The batch production is between the above two. It is a method of dividing production types according to the size of output between various production types, which is often used in the machinery and electronic industries.
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