fluorine lining gate valve

The composition of the valve model

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-17
As far as domestic valves are concerned, you can refer to the following valve models: 1. The Z, J, L, Q, D, G, X, H, A, Y, and S of the valve type code represent: gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve , ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, plug valve, check valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, steam trap , 4 flanges, 6 welding, 7 pairs of clips 3. The transmission mode codes of the valve 9, 6, and 3 respectively indicate: 9 electric, 6 pneumatic, 3 turbine worm 4. Valve body material codes Z, K, Q, T, C, P, R, V respectively represent: gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile iron, copper and alloys, carbon steel, chrome-nickel stainless steel, chrome-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel, chrome-molybdenum 5. Vanadium steel. Seat seal or lining code R, T, X, S, N, F, H, Y, J, M, W respectively indicate: austenitic stainless steel, copper alloy, rubber, plastic, nylon plastic, fluoroplastic, Cr series Stainless steel, carbide, rubber lining, Monel, valve body material.
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