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Test and installation of PTFE lined butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-14
Test and installation of PTFE lined butterfly valve 1. Before installation of fluorine lined butterfly valve, confirm whether the performance of our product and the flow direction arrow of the medium are consistent with the moving conditions, and clean the inner cavity of the PTFE lined valve. There are foreign objects attached to the disc, and it is not allowed to close the disc before cleaning, so as not to damage the sealing ring. 2. It is recommended to use the special flange lined with PTFE disc valve for the matching flange of the disc plate. 3. The best position to install in the pipeline is vertical installation, but it cannot be installed upside down. 4. The flow needs to be adjusted during use, and there is a worm gear box to control it. 5. For the PTFE-lined butterfly valve with more opening and closing times, in about two months, open the cover of the worm gear box to check whether the butter is normal, and maintain an appropriate amount of butter. 6. Check that each connecting part is required to be pressed tightly, which not only ensures the beeness of the packing, but also ensures the flexible rotation of the valve stem. 7. The PTFE-lined butterfly valve product is not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline. If it must be installed at the end of the pipeline, it is necessary to install the outlet flange to prevent the sealing ring from overstocking and over-positioning. 8. The installation and use of the valve stem should regularly check the use effect of the PTFE-lined valve, and find the fault and eliminate it in time.
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