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Talk about the knowledge points about manual fluorine-lined wafer butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-13
Talking about the knowledge points about the manual fluorine-lined wafer butterfly valve The manual fluorine-lined butterfly valve uses the butterfly plate that rotates together with the valve stem as the opening and closing part to realize the opening, closing and adjustment of the valve. Lining butterfly valve is a polymer material with thick lining technology on the flow parts, valve body, butterfly plate and valve stem. Organic solvents and other media are ideal products for intercepting and regulating equipment on gas, liquid, and semi-fluid pipelines and containers in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, iron and steel smelting, papermaking, hydropower and other systems, and can replace gate valves, Globe valves and other types of shut-off and regulating valves. Execution standard of manual fluorine-lined wafer butterfly valve: ①Design and manufacture: Q/ZXD 03-1999 GB/T12238-89 API 609 MSS JIS SP-67 standard. ②Flange size: PNu003d1.0MPa according to JB/T82.1-94 (or original standard JB82-59) 'raised-face welded steel pipe flange'. PNu003d1.6MPa according to GB9113.3-88 'Raised Face Integral Steel Pipe Flange'. PNu003d2.5MPa according to GB9113.4-88 'Raised Surface Integral Steel Pipe Flange'. ③ The length of the structure is specified in GB12221-89 'Structural Length of Flanged Metal Valves'. ④ Inspection and test shall be in accordance with GB/T13927-92 'General Valve Pressure Test'. Manual fluorine-lined wafer butterfly valve drive mode: manual, worm gear-worm, pneumatic, electric
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