Structural characteristics of titanium alloy valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-18
1. Ultra-light aluminum alloy valve body, small torque, easy to use and install, suitable for air conditioners and industrial water treatment equipment, with strong anti-condensation function. Aluminum alloy die-cast valve body to prevent rust. F500 Series Butterfly Valves play an excellent role in preventing condensation. The unique multi-level asymptotic contact valve seat developed by using the technology and experience accumulated over the years, and the F500 series valves.com/butterfly-valve.html' target='_blank'>butterfly valve which integrates other technologies are replacing other valves in more and more fields, with the characteristics of simple construction and long service life . 2. Excellent and lasting sealing performance, unique multi-level progressive contact valve seat design, so that the valve plate gradually contacts the valve seat during the closing process, while ensuring good sealing performance, reducing unnecessary torque, thereby extending the valve life of the seat. 3. The torque reduction realizes the light weight and miniaturization of the drive device. 4. The unique valve stem sealing ring prevents fluid leakage. The movement track of the valve plate makes the valve rotate flexibly and freely. The valve plate is processed as a complete spherical shape. Every part of the sealing surface is a part of the spherical surface, even the axial sealing surface at the upper and lower top of the valve plate is also No exception, such a sealing surface is quite smooth despite the contact during sealing, so the torque is reduced and the sealing performance is improved, especially the friction at the axial seal is reduced. Seat life has been tripled. The principle of titanium alloy valve: The titanium alloy valve is a kind of floating ball type that can be kept fully open under the airflow, and when the solid water column rises, the floating ball can be immediately floated and tightly seal the exhaust port. Vent. The titanium alloy valve adopts a specific diameter of the float ball, so that the airflow power it generates can keep the float ball open (suspended) when the air flow passes, and the buoyancy generated when the solid water column rises can make it float, with a suitable angle at the entrance. No matter how high the air pressure and airflow speed are, the exhaust port will not be blocked by blowing.
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