Structural characteristics of self-operated differential pressure flow control balance valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-19
Self-operated differential pressure flow control balance valve is an automatic constant pressure differential balance valve for hydraulic conditions. It is used in centralized arch heating, central air conditioning and other water systems. It is especially suitable for household metering heating systems and variable flow air conditioning systems. The body of the self-operated differential pressure flow control balance valve is a combination of a dual-channel automatic regulating valve that can change the flow resistance and a controller that is separated into two independent chambers by a diaphragm. The small chamber on one side is communicated with the return water pipe. Installed on the return pipe when in use. The channel automatic regulating valve is an actuator, and the power of its action comes from the pressure difference change between the water supply pressure P1 and the return water pressure P2. The controller is a differential pressure comparator, the differential pressure value is selected according to the resistance of the controlled heating system, and the spring reaction force in the return side is used to balance the pressure differential between the water supply and the water. When some users of the controlled heating system adjust the room temperature, and the resistance increases or decreases, the circulating flow will change until the pressure on both sides of the diaphragm is balanced, so that the inside of the controlled system is automatically adjusted.
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