Structural characteristics of gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-23
For a long time, the general gate valves used in the market generally have water leakage or rust. The elastic seated gate valve produced by European high-tech rubber and valve manufacturing technology overcomes the defects of poor sealing and rust of the general gate valve. The elastic seated gate valve Using the compensation effect of the elastic gate to produce a small amount of elastic deformation to achieve a good sealing effect, the valve has significant advantages such as light switch, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and service life. It can be widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy system and other pipelines as regulation and interception devices. B. Features of gate valve: Light weight: The body is made of high-grade ductile iron, the weight is about 20%~30% lighter than that of traditional gate valve, and it is easy to install and maintain. Flat-bottomed gate seat: The traditional gate valve often accumulates in the groove at the bottom of the valve due to foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks, cement, iron filings, sundries, etc. after the pipe is washed with water, which is easy to cause the water leakage phenomenon that cannot be closed tightly. The bottom of the elastic seat seal gate valve adopts the same flat-bottom design as the water pipe machine, which is not easy to cause debris accumulation and makes the fluid flow unobstructed. Overall lagging: The gate is made of high-quality rubber for the overall inner and outer covering. The first-class rubber vulcanization technology in Europe enables the vulcanized gate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions, and the rubber and the ductile cast gate are firmly bonded, not easy to fall off and Good elastic memory. Hydraulic precision casting valve body: The valve body adopts precision casting, and the precise geometric dimensions make it possible to ensure the tightness of the valve without any finishing inside the valve body.
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