Structural characteristics and working principle of flange triple eccentric sealing butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-16
1. Flange triple eccentric multi-level hard sealing butterfly valve products can be applied to industrial pipelines such as petrochemical, food, medicine, light textile, papermaking, electric power, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage and smelting. It can be used as an opening and closing mechanism to control the flow of media on various gas, liquid, semi-fluid and micro-particle powder conveying pipelines or containers. Flanged triple eccentric multi-level hard sealing butterfly valve can be installed in any position. 2. Flange triple eccentric multi-layer hard-sealed butterfly valve series has a certain self-cleaning ability. It can show various advantages when used in sewage pipes such as steel mills and municipal pipelines. It does not need maintenance, and has good sealing performance and easy operation. . Structural features and principle of action 1. The biggest difference between the flange triple eccentric multi-level hard sealing butterfly valve and other butterfly valves is that it adopts a triple eccentric design structure. The disc installation center and the rotation center are designed with strict eccentricity. When the valve is opened at 10°C or even fully opened, the seat sealing surface of the butterfly valve is in a non-contact state with the disc, and when the disc is closed, the disc rotates with the valve stem and deflects into the seat sealing surface to seal it. Therefore, the service life of the valve is prolonged due to less and no wear during the opening and closing process. 2. The seat of the butterfly valve is combined with an embedded O-ring rubber ring or fluoroplastic as a sealing gasket to form a sealing part. Therefore, it has the function of self-compensation for temperature difference and wear to ensure that the butterfly valve is airtight and leak-proof. 3. When the fluid pressure of the butterfly valve pipeline is introduced into the sealing groove of the valve seat, due to the principle of Possons component force, the resultant force generated by the sealing member and the expansion force of the O-ring when the pipeline pressure acts, seals the sealing surface of the valve seat. Squeeze against the disc to seal the valve. This unique sealing structure produces greater sealing force as line pressure increases. 4. The seat of this butterfly valve can be fine-tuned. After the valve has been used for a certain period of time, when the sealing ring wears and leaks by itself, without disassembling the valve, the sealing pressure ring can be adjusted to the required size by adjusting the screw to the direction of the disc, which can be compensated and has The new valve has the same sealing performance. 5. In addition to the manual device, the flange triple eccentric multi-level hard sealing butterfly valve series can also be equipped with a pneumatic device or an electric device to form a manual butterfly valve, a pneumatic butterfly valve (can be equipped with a feedback signal and an electric-gas valve positioner) and an electric butterfly valve, etc. Three categories of six series of products.
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