Structural Analysis of Pneumatic Actuator

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-23
Pneumatic actuators use pneumatic pressure to drive the opening and closing or regulating valve actuators, and can be used with a variety of valves, including pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic gate valves, pneumatic globe valves, pneumatic control valves, etc., with reliable performance. Today we come together Learn about the main structure of the pneumatic actuator. Introduction to the structure of pneumatic actuators: 1. Pneumatic devices are mainly composed of cylinders, pistons, gear shafts, end covers, seals, screws, etc. The complete set of pneumatic devices should also include opening indication, travel limit, solenoid valve, positioner, It is composed of pneumatic components, manual mechanism, signal feedback and other components. 2. The connection size of the pneumatic device and the valve should meet the requirements of ISO5211 (bottom), GB/T12222 and GB/T12223. 3. The pneumatic device with manual mechanism should be able to use its manual mechanism to open and close the pneumatic ball valve when the air source is interrupted. When facing the handwheel, the handwheel or handle should be rotated counterclockwise to open the valve, and clockwise to open the valve. valve closed. 4. When the end of the piston rod has internal and external threads, there should be a wrench port suitable for standard wrenches. 5. The sealing ring of the piston should be easy to replace and repair. 6. For a pneumatic device with a buffer mechanism, the stroke length of the buffer mechanism can refer to the regulations in Table 1. 7. The pneumatic device with adjustable buffer mechanism should have a mechanism outside the cylinder to adjust its buffer function. 8. The thread size of the air inlet and outlet of the cylinder shall comply with the provisions of MANUR NORM (accessory standard) sypv, GB/T7306.1, GB/T7306.2 and GB/T7307.
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