Standard of Sino-US valve fire resistance test

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-07
The industrial production of petrochemical equipment is the leading industry of the social economy. Its production process is complicated, and most of the raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products used in the process are inflammable and explosive chemicals, which are very easy to cause. Fire accidents and explosions. Because the valves used in some fire-prone places have the potential risk of fire accidents, the valves used in such places should have a unique design concept so that the valves still have the necessary requirements after being roasted for a certain period of time. The sealing characteristics and actual operating characteristics. At the level of considering the characteristics of the fireproof material of the valve, the fireproof material experiment is a key way. At this stage, there are many specifications for valve fireproof material experiments in various countries in the world, and the experimental methods and identification specifications are different. Therefore, learning and training for each specification is carried out to master the fireproof material test regulations of valves and improve the characteristics of fireproof materials of valves. key practical significance. ISO10497 Valve Test - Fireproof Material Test Regulations for Valves American API Specifications: API 607 u200bu200bTurn 1/4 Cycle Valves and Non-Metallic Materials High Pressure Gate Valves Fireproof Material Test API 6FA Valve Fireproof Material Test Standard API 6FD Product Fireproof Material Test Standard Chinese Standard: JB/T 6899 Valve Fireproof Material Experiment 1. Application Field ISO10497 standardizes the valve fireproof material test regulations and valve fireproof material test methods to certify the pressure resistance characteristics of the valve during the whole process of the fireproof material test and after the fireproof material test. Fireproofing materials test regulations that do not include gear drives other than manual gear drives or their close counterparts derived from a portion of the valve assembly line, other types of valve gear drives (such as electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic) must be uniquely maintained , in order to ensure that the actual operation can be carried out under the set load in the valve test, and the large resistance test of this type of gear transmission is not within the scope of this specification. 2. Frequently Asked Questions There will be risks in the experiment of valve fireproof materials, so life safety is an element to be considered. Due to the structure of the experimental valve, the experimental equipment and the experimental level of fireproof materials, the working pressure page may cause dangerous factors to crack. Therefore, in order to ensure life safety, appropriate safety devices should be set around the environmental test chamber and other necessary countermeasures. 3. The basic principle of the test The fireproof material test is carried out at the closed position of the pressure-bearing valve of the water injection, and the valve is placed in a flame with a working temperature of 750 ℃ u200bu200b~ 1500 ℃ for 30 minutes. The purpose is to completely enclose the valve in the fire zone to ensure that the high pressure gate valve and sealing area are exposed to high ignition temperatures. Record the amount of internal and external leakage during this period. After the fireproof material test water is cooled, the hydrostatic pressure test of the valve is carried out to identify the pressure working ability of the valve housing, high pressure gate valve and hydraulic seal.
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