Solutions to common problems of pneumatic control valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-08
Common faults and their causes: (1) The regulating valve does not act. The fault phenomenon and reasons are as follows: a. No signal and no gas source: ① The gas source is not turned on. ②Because the water in the air source freezes in winter, the air duct is blocked or the filter and the pressure reducing valve are blocked and fail. ③ The compressor is faulty. ④The main gas source leaks. b. There is air source, no signal: ① The regulator is faulty. ②The signal pipe leaks. ③The bellows of the positioner is leaking. ④ The adjustment mesh is damaged. c. The positioner has no air source: ① The filter is blocked. ②The pressure reducing valve is faulty. ③ Pipe leakage or blockage. d. The positioner has an air source but no output: the orifice of the positioner is blocked. e. There is a signal, no action: ① the valve core falls off, ② the valve core and the valve seat are stuck. ③The valve stem is bent or broken. ④The valve seat valve core is frozen or coke dirt. ⑤The spring of the actuator is rusted due to long-term use. (2) The action of the regulating valve is unstable, and the fault phenomena and reasons are as follows: a. The air source pressure is unstable: ① The compressor capacity is too small. ②The pressure reducing valve is faulty. b. The signal pressure is unstable: ① The time constant (T=RC) of the control system is not appropriate. ②The output of the regulator is unstable. c. The air source pressure is stable and the signal pressure is also stable, but the action of the regulating valve is still unstable: ①The ball valve of the amplifier in the positioner is not tightly closed due to dirt wear, and the output shock will occur when the air consumption is particularly increased. ②The nozzle baffle of the amplifier in the positioner is not parallel, and the baffle cannot cover the nozzle. ③The output pipe and line are leaking. ④The rigidity of the actuator is too small. ⑤ The friction resistance is large during the movement of the valve stem, and there is a blocking phenomenon with the contact part.
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